Instant Receivables

Brief instruction:
When trading online, buyer's money will enter seller's btct-account directly, which helps to get money back in time.

Application condition:
1.You must have your own website which has been built, and products & service in website are complete and clear;
2.You must have a btct enterprise account(excluding individual members) and pass the real-name identity;
3.Your website must have ICP license. If don't have it, your paid-up captal must be over 300thousand.“Instant receivables”) Online application

Instant receivables
The applied product needs to develop and research before using in your website
Please click here to download the integrated development pack

Usage scenario for example

The process below is only for reference. Seller can modify it as its own web conditions.

  • Step 1: the buyer chooses the favorite products and click "to buy"
  • Step 2: the buyer does payment via
  • Step 3: the buyer does payment.
  • Step 4: the buyer choose how to pay BTC.
  • Step 5: Succeed to pay, and seller gets transaction amount immediately.
  • Step 6: Deal is completed.